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Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Bong Review


The Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Bong is a unique and innovative smoking device that combines the traditional bong with cutting-edge laser technology. This bong is designed to provide cannabis smokers with an unparalleled smoking experience, making it a great choice for both recreational and medicinal users. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Water Pipe. 

Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Smoking Device

Design and Build

The bong itself is made from high-quality, borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and heat resistance, ensuring it can handle frequent use and last for years to come. It features a unique, trident-shaped design that not only looks cool but also helps to diffuse and filter the smoke for a smoother hit.

But what sets the Hitoki Trident apart from other bongs is its built-in laser system. The Trident comes with a small laser module that can be attached to the base of the bong. When activated, the laser projects a mesmerizing light show onto the smoke as it travels through the bong. The laser system has a variety of different light patterns and colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your smoking experience to your own personal preferences. The laser system can also be controlled using a small remote, making it easy to change the light pattern or turn it off and on as needed.

In addition to the laser system, the Hitoki Trident also features a built-in percolator, which helps to further filter and cool the smoke for a smoother hit. The Trident also comes with a matching glass bowl for holding your dry herbs. 

Temperature Control/Heat Modes

Another one of the standout features of the Hitoki Trident 2.0 is its advanced temperature control system. This system allows users to select their desired heat level using three different modes. Red being the lowest heat possible, green being medium heat (this is the recommended setting by Hitoki), and blue being the highest heat. You press the power button three times quickly to switch between each of the heat settings. The temperature control system also helps to optimize the flavor and potency of the smoke, making it a great choice for those who want to experience the full potential of their favorite strains. 

Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Bong in Rose Gold

Ease of Use

The Hitoki Trident 2.0 is designed for ease of use, making it a great choice for smokers of all levels of experience. The device is easy to set up and use, and the advanced temperature control system makes it simple to achieve the desired heat level.


One of the main benefits of the Hitoki Trident is its pure efficiency at getting the user to the right place. Because the Hitoki Trident effectively vaporizes the dry herb you put into it entirely, you aren't left with any burnt flower residue like with most water pipes. This means that not only will you feel the effects more than a traditional bong, but you will also need to use less herb to get to that sweet spot you desire. With less bowls being filled in your sesh's, your wallet will thank you as well. 


The Trident comes with a comprehensive accessory kit, including multiple cleaning tools, a carrying case, and a range of replacement parts. This accessory kit makes it easy to maintain and transport the bong, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come. 

Hitoki Trident's Parts

Price Point & Color Options

The Hitoki Trident retails for $499.99, but you can get it now from Vapestur for just $359.99 (Yes you read that right). You can also use the exclusive code: Laser20 for an additional $20 off your order bringing the price all the way down to $340! The device has two colorway options including a sleek black, and a beautiful rose gold. 


Overall, the Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Bong is a truly unique and innovative smoking device that offers a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. The combination of traditional bong design with cutting-edge laser technology makes for both an unparalleled and enjoyable smoke sesh! Try the World's First Laser Bong now at an unbeatable price!

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